Frequently Asked Questions

How can What's the Wait? help my business?

What's the Wait? is an app that shows users your current wait times, based on party size. Whether you're slammed, on a short wait, or completely empty, What's the Wait? enables you to entice them to come to your restaurant. Our app users are in your area making a dining decision. Don't miss the opportunity to attract these diners to your restaurant.

We are already very busy, why do we need What's the Wait?

With What's the Wait? you can attract even more customers. Our unique marketing tools allow you to market your restaurant based on different situations. For example, if you are on a long wait, you can offer drink discounts, bar specials, a free appetizer, or other deals that will make customers want to come in and wait it out.

When we are busy, I don't think we will have time to update the wait lists throughout the shift. What if we don't update the wait times?

When you're slammed and on a wait, it seems as if there's no time to do anything. That's why we designed the app to let you update your wait times in seconds. Literally. It only takes a few seconds to update them. And if you don't, our system will just advise users to call for your current wait times.

We never go on a wait, why do we need What's the Wait?

We can help you attract guests who want to eat NOW! They don't have time to wait, have kids that want to eat ASAP, or want to try something new. By making it known that you have immediate seating available, What's the Wait? will help fill those empty seats.

We use OpenTable, so why do we need What's the Wait?

OpenTable is a reservation system. What's the Wait? is designed for people that don't have a reservation or haven't decided where to eat yet. By using What's the Wait? you can attract these guests to come to your restaurant.

FYI - What's the Wait? automatically provides a link to your OpenTable page for our app users who want to make a reservation.

Can guests add themselves to our wait list via the app?

What's the Wait? offers a Wait List Management Software that many of our customers use. If you use our Wait List Management Software, guests can add themselves to your wait list via the What's the Wait? app.

I see that What's the Wait? shows ratings and reviews. Can we turn them off?

In short, yes. What's the Wait? does not show individual customer reviews. Our app shows your foursquare® and Yelp® overall ratings and provides links to them. If you don't want them displayed, they can be turned off.

If users see we are on a long wait, won't that discourage them from coming in?

It may discourage some, but many want to be where the crowd is. Being on a long wait speaks volumes about your restaurant's quality and lets diners know that it's worth the wait. Being on a wait every night would be the ideal scenario! With What's the Wait?, you can give them a reason to come in and wait it out.

What if I don't want people to know our wait times?

Guests are going to find out the wait times at some point. Whether they call in or use our app, it's always a good idea to be upfront and honest about your wait times. With What's the Wait?, you will be able to attract guests to your restaurant whatever your wait times are.

Can users make a reservation with What's the Wait?

Not directly. But if you use OpenTable, What's the Wait? automatically offers a link to your OpenTable page for users who want to make a reservation.

How much does it cost for our restaurant(s) to be included in the app?

We offer several plans to meet your restaurant's needs. We have a feature-limited free plan and pay plans starting as low as $29/month. Corporate and multi-unit plans receive a discounted rate based on the number of units. Please contact us for more details.

What's your Situational Marketing Tool?

Our Situational Marketing Tool allows restaurants to market to customers based on what's going on in their restaurants. On an hour wait? Offer a free bar drink or tapas while they wait. On a short wait? Offer them a free dessert with the purchase of two entrees. Not on a wait? You need to fill some seats! Offer a free appetizer with any entree. Tuesday night is kid's night? What's the Wait? will highlight the fact that kids eat free! The possibilities are endless and you're in full control.